The purpose of the bid is to appoint a suitably qualified accounting firm to assist ICASA Finance team with the following: • Prepare annual financial statements that are in compliance with the GRAP standards and a corresponding audit file for submission to the Office of the Auditor-General for audit within CaseWare reporting system; • Ensure all relevant notes agree to the AFS and complete; • Ensure all the schedules are accurate, complete and agree to the AFS • Ensure all GRAP statements relevant reporting are compiled to 2023/24 FY reporting; • Perform on-the-job training to relevant manager in their role in the preparation of the financial statements within CaseWare and skills transfer where applicable. • Review accounting processes to review accounting policies; • Provide technical support on CaseWare matters • Ensure prior year adjustments or errors meet the relevant accounting standards • External audit support • Technical Support


Issuing institution: Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

Tender no: RFQ 04-03-2024

Closing date & time: 2024-04-04 12:00

Briefing date & time: n/a

Province where service required: National

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