REQUEST FOR THE PROVISION OF TRANSPORT EDUCATION TRAINING AUTHORITY (TETA) AND QUALITY COUNCIL FOR TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS (QCTO) ACCREDITED LIFTING EQUIPMENT TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR THE FOLLOWING SCOPE (END-TO-END) • Training (novice) • Novice licensing assessments • Novice moderation • Relicensing theoretical training • Relicensing assessment • Relicensing moderation • External moderation preparation • End to end administration for novice and relicensing process (including provision of Statement of Results, Certificate, National Learner’s Records Database Uploads, Licensing) FOR OPERATORS WITHIN TRANSNET PORT TERMINALS (TPT) AND OTHER TRANSNET DIVISIONS WHERE SUCH SERVICES WILL BE REQUIRED OVER A PERIOD OF THREE (3) YEARS


Issuing institution: Transnet SOC Ltd

Tender no: TCC/2023/06/0001/32877/RFP

Closing date & time: 2024-04-12 11:00

Briefing date & time: 2024-03-28 11:00

Province where service required: National

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