TENDER NOTICE AND INVITATION TO TENDER APPOINTMENT OF A SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE CLEARING AND REHABILITATION OF ILLEGAL DUMPING HOTSPOTS IN NKOMAZI LOCAL MUNICIPALITY EHLANZENI DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY INVITES BIDS FOR THE ABOVE-MENTIONED TENDER 1. Only tenderers who have provided the following mandatory information and documents to be used to evaluate the tenderers responsiveness will be considered for further evaluation on functionality and preference specific goals. 1.1 Only tenderers who are registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) will be considers and the copy of the CSD report not older than three months, 1.2 Form of offer must be firm, VAT and other tax inclusive and valid at least Ninety (90) days from the closing date. 1.3 No tender shall be considered for the person who are in the service of the state, 1.4 Valid SARS PIN certificate must be attached, 1.5 Attached original Certified copy of company registration documents issued by Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and tenderer must attach shareholder’s certificates where applicable. 1.6 Attached original Certified copies of Identity documents of all company directors, 1.7 Verifiable copies of Municipal Account/s not older than three months for both the tenderer and company directors or lease agreement or proof of residence (PTO) from the relevant traditional authority, 1.8 Proof of registration with CIDB for a grading of 2GB or Higher 1.9 Fully completed tender document as issued and signed and submitted on the PDF document that has been issued and reproduced documents will be rejected. All certified copies must not be older done three months. 1.10 Attached Certified letter from Department of Employment and Labour - COIDA registration letter, 2. This tender will be evaluated in Terms of the 80/20 Preference Points system approved Preferential Procurement Policy of the Ehlanzeni District Municipality. The preference points system will be applied as follows: - 2.1 The 80 points will be for price 2.2 The 20 points will be allocated for the specific goals on a proportional or pro rata basis as mentioned below: - POINTS FOR CONTRACTING AN ENTERPRISE OWNED BY HISTORICALLY DISADVANTAGED PERSONS OR INDIVIDUALS HISTORICALLY DISADVANTAGED PERSONS OR INDIVIDUALS POINTS ALLOCATION SOURCE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO CLAIM POINTS 100% black person or people owned enterprise 5 ? A copy of a Full CSD report not older than 3 months More than 30% woman or women shareholding or owned enterprise 2,5 more than 30% youth shareholding or owned enterprise 2,5 More than 30% people living with disability shareholding or owned enterprise 2,5 ? A copy of a Medical Certificate to confirm disability POINTS FOR IMPLEMENTING OF RDP PROGRAMMES Enterprises regarded as *EMEs located within the Ehlanzeni District Municipality area of jurisdiction 2,5 ? A copy of a Full CSD report not older than 3 months NB: Points will only be awarded if the CSD physical address is the same as the address for the proof of residence required in 1.7 above. 5 points for valid B-BBEE level 1 contribution (SANAS accredited B-BBEE certificate for generic enterprise, and for EME and SME a sworn affidavit or CIPC issued certificate confirming annual turnover and level of Black Ownership). 5 ? Certified Valid BBBEE certificate ? or Certified Valid EME and SME a sworn affidavit ? or Certified Valid CIPC issued certificate confirming annual turnover and level of Black Ownership TOTAL PREFERENCE POINTS TO BE CLAIMED 20 *EME’s are Exempted Micro Enterprise with an annual Turnover of R 10.0million or less. *All certified copies must not be older than three months. Received tenders will be evaluated for responsiveness based on mandatory requirements and on functionality to obtain a minimum of 70 points out of a possible 100 points to qualify for further evaluation in line with 80/20 Preference Points System. Tender Documents can be viewed and downloaded at no cost on Document Sharing and Collaboration Platform or Portal (NEPTUNE): http://edmservices.ehlanzeni.gov.za and National Treasure Portal from Wednesday, 13 December 2023. Further information regarding the download and uploading of the tender will be explained during the compulsory briefing session. A compulsory briefing session will be held on Tuesday, 19 December 2023, at 11:00 at Ehlanzeni District Municipality Complex, DMC, 8 Van Niekerk Street, Sonheuwel Central, Mbombela 1201. Where tenders should be submitted - Completed tender and other returnable documents must be submitted only in PDF format on the Document Sharing and Collaboration Platform or Portal: http://edmservices.ehlanzeni.gov.za on or before Wednesday, 10 January 2024 not later than 12H00. Tender Documents received by telegram, fax and post will not be considered. Late tenders shall not be accepted. Enquiry: Contact Person - ADMINISTRATION: Mr SP Khumalo at 013 759 8573 or pkhumalo@ehlanzeni.gov.za TECHNICALSERVICES: Mr T Sambo at 013 759 8690 or tsambo@ehlanzeni.gov.za Special Conditions: Ehlanzeni District Municipality reserves the right to appoint for the whole or part of the tender or to cancel the tender Employer: Municipal Manager: Dr N P Mahlalela Ehlanzeni District Municipality P.O. Box 3333 MBOMBELA 1200


Issuing institution: Ehlanzeni District Municipality

Tender no: EDM/12/2023-24

Closing date & time: 2024-01-10 12:00

Briefing date & time: n/a

Province where service required: Mpumalanga

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