Suitable and capable service providers are invited to bid for Supply and letting of suitable Office Accommodation to the Department of Public Works: KwaZulu-Natal on behalf of Department of Economic Development, Tourism & Environmental Affairs: Stanger: Procurement of suitable office in extent of 962m² plus 20- 25% (240.50m²) non-assignable space totalling to 1202.50m², Plus 35 Under Cover Parking Bays and 02 parking for people living with disability for a period of 05 years with escalation not exceeding 6%, with an option to extend for a further 04 years and 11 months. Should the Department exercise the extended option period, the first year (year 06) of the option period will revert to the rate/m2 of year one rental of the initial lease in terms of this lease and there will be no escalation effected during the extended term of the lease


Issuing institution: Kwazulu Natal: Department of Public Works

Tender no: ZNT: 03078 W

Closing date & time: 2024-03-08 11:00

Briefing date & time: 2024-02-23 10:00

Province where service required: KwaZulu-Natal

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